Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kona Lager 48 Hour Sous Vide Short Rib...

The goal of the perfect short rib for new years is maintaining nice medium rare pink all the way through but literally falling apart like a great braised piece of meat should. This is a hard goal to reach using a traditional classic braising method so I will be using the thermal circulator to achieve this.
Hard sear on all sides...
Chill down to 38 degrees F

Bag with butter, thyme, demi, salt and pepper, and a little Kona Long board Lager

57.2 Degrees C (135 degrees F) for 48 hours
The time allows the short rib to break down the natural tissues in the short ribs, making it a succulent and tender piece of to come...see you in two days.

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  1. Great idea with the Kona Lager! I'll definitely try that the next time.