Sunday, October 17, 2010

30 Hours @ Alinea

I had the opportunity to cook in the best kitchen in the U.S. I now know why the food is as good as it is. I went from dreaming about what it would be like to set foot in a kitchen like this after picking up the Alinea cook book. To eating an amazing 23 course meal in April 2010. And now being able to try out for a job to work for the Michael Jordan (1990's) of cooking Grant Achatz. It was a mind blowing experience. By getting butt kicked every single second, minute, and hour I knew where I measured up with the best in the world. And to clear the air about Alinea, it's not a place that shuts down half of the year for research and development. It's not a playground for chefs that prance around playing with hydro colloids and hope to come up with new original ideas. The chefs here dedicated to the food and service. This place is SERIOUS. They cook clean and precise. When I say clean I mean every 45 minutes we vacuum the carpet and every hour and a half or so we scrub down the entire kitchen.........Will post more thoughts about my stage as the days pass...for now I sleep because I am exhausted.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Crispy Barramundi, Classic Clam Chowder Flavors

Crispy Barramundi, Chowder, Manila Clams, House made Pancetta, Crispy Potatoes, Celery, Tabasco

    This dish started on paper during a  brainstorming session with Steven Molina (Kitchen 1540 Sous Chef) and I. We made the dish for Chef Mccabe and it didn't hit on all cylinders. After some discussion and and analyzation this is the final product we came up with. This is a true Kitchen 1540 dish where 3 great minds came together and created a great dish. It's funny when you come up with when an idea starts with the words (via Steven) "Well..., I had a good clam chowder once..."