Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Second Gayot Dinner Series @ THE BAZAAR

Going to this next month, im excited

Second Gayot Dinner Series

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Books for Thought...New and upcoming releases...

Ad Hoc at Home: Family Style Recipes by Thomas Keller

Momofuku by David Chang (Oct.27)
Food For Thought, Thought for Food by Ferran Adria
All different parts of the food/culinary spectrum. All hard hitters. All innovators in their own way. Buy them, I am...Hardly think you'll regret it...

More from Fixtures in La Jolla...

Cristle's Spicy Scallop "Canape" ,Yuzu caviar, shiso

Kalbi wings...

Lobster "Club", Bacon, Brioche, Arugula, Tomato

Modern Tiger Shrimp Cocktail, Yuzu Tomato Water Pipettes, Cilantro

Courtesy of the bazaar....The staff at "Fixtures" had a good time with these... hopefully be able to do some cooking classes at this location. Good times

Dashi/Furikake Blankets

I could have made them a little thinner but still enjoyable for a dissapointing charger loss....

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rainbow Baby Beet Tian, Heirloom Tomato Water Gelee, Fine Herbs

I used acetate liners uin this application to prevent the gelee from sticking to the metal molds. Then used a gelatin and agar combo to make a soft and flavorful tomato water gelee.


Tian, Chevre, Thai Basil Pesto Pudding, Watercress, Tomatoes

New Poke Prototype...

Bluefin tuna, ogo, white ina mona, dashi/nori blanket, guac, tobiko

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Offsite event (Monday night football)...mind blogging

So I have an event coming up in the next couple days for the MNF game..My Chargers vs. the Denver Donkey's I have to blog my menu otherwise i'll forget....Thoughts before I sleep.

75 people


-Frenched half mongolian babyback ribs

-Kalbi chicken wings

-"Contemporary" Shrimp Cocktail: Pipette of tomato yuzu wasabi consomme

-Lobster "Club": Bacon, arugula, tomato, lobster salad, brioche

- Lakanilau

-Spicy Scallop "Canape" : Yuzu Caviar & Nitsume

- New school Ahi Poke: Kizame Nori dashi gelee, homemade guac, tobiko

Pictures to Follow...GO CHARGERS!!

"Just put it in a bag"

It's nuts how sucking the air out of a bag and "confiting" or sous vide prevails over any classic cooking technique...if done the right's guaranteed to be better than anything you have ever had.

This is a confit of sweet shallots, leeks, and fennel...cooked at 165 degrees for 4 hours....perfect. Especially for a baked trout from idaho..wink wink

My Tools

My small tool kit that is currently building...gellan s and gellan lt to join the family as soon as it comes back in favorites though have to be my tweezers and my Ux-10...simple and perfect...hobbies and passion don't come cheap