Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sushi...traditionally men...not anymore, what an art!?

I'd have to adimit, sushi is one of the hardest things to master or even get close to be great at. There are a lot of sushi places that are based off of gimicky dishes and funky names. Great places have clean dishes that highlight the freshness of the protein and thats the bottom line. Cristle Evangelista  of La Jolla San Diego is up and coming chef/cook/sushi chef with extensive attention to detail. A trait that can never be taught but only acquired through upbringing. Look at all the symetrical lines that the nigiri's maintain. Check the detail aand placing of the garnishes. Functional and visually appealing. Normal sushi "chefs" cannot even achieve these kind of things. Good Job and keep up the great work Cristle...

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