Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Evolution of a Dish...Before and After

First Plate
Second Plate
3rd Plate
Final Plate

Testing a dish over and over is essential to produce a successful plate. Not only the visual appeal but the flavor profiles all have to be in tune. We tasted and tasted this dish to eventually go on a nation wide wine dinner. You can see my progression and the differences between each plate. It is obvious.

The pictures below are a before and after of Jonathan Sloan's Dish. After tweaking and tweaking his dish you can see a drastic change in the before and after photo's.


and After...

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  1. egg should have no heat your nonstick pan...try flipping it over on your stove top to slowly heat it..then pan spray. butter or duck fat. for 30 seconds..take off heat and finish in bottom of salamander..should come out the spring onion cooked on the second dish? looking good bud keep up the great work..