Friday, March 12, 2010

Hamachi Sashimi, Compressed "Tomato" Water- Melon

 Hamachi, Compressed "Tomato:" Soy Watermelon, Baby Kiwi, Cilantro, Chive, Seaweed Cracker, Jalapeno Ponzu Pudding, Vanilla Salt...Culinary Sound Collabo...


  1. WHERE'S THE RECIPE? I WAS thinking about hamachi sashimi with watermelon and tomato water and came upon this post, can you send to me?

  2. Hi carole, I just basically took a 5# of the sweetest tomato you can find and blended it until it was pulp. Then I just let it drip under a cheese cloth for three days and you have tomato water. Then I seasoned the water with soy sauce to taste. the next step is you take watermelon and the tomato soy liquid and compress the two together in a cryovac machine...basically impregnating the fruit with tomato soy water. Hope that helps