Thursday, January 14, 2010

Compressed Cucumbers

I wonder who the first person was to compress fruits and vegetables? Such a simple thing to do yet it does so much to many fruits and vegetables. It intensifies the flavor, color, and texture in the compressed state. Oh who am I kidding, it looks and sounds cool......Dish Still Building


  1. compressed cucumbers?? this sounds awesome. ive never tried that. and ure final dish looks great. i found ur blog via the voltaggio brothers forum. will definitely keep checking in.

  2. hi jon...anywhere on your blog do you roughly explain the process of compressing cucumbers or compressing anything for that matter? would love to know, i'm sure i can find it elswhere on the web, but i'd like to hear your take since you make it sound fairly simple and i'm intrigued by your food. blog looks cool, keep it up! digging the brussel sprout kimchee idea btw.

  3. If you have a commercial cryovac machine or even a food saver you can compress anything with a lot of moisture pears, apples, melons. You're basically pulling out the air of the enclosed environment altering the texture and taste of a vegetable or fruit. Easy Stuff