Tuesday, April 20, 2010

XOCO by Rick Bayless

Ahogada: Golden Pork Carnitas, Black Beans, Tomato Broth, Spicy Arboll Chili Sauce, Pickled Onions
Cochinita Pibil: Wood Roasted Suckling Pig with Achiote, Black Beans, Pickled Onions, Habanero Sauce
Jamon: La Quercia Prosciutto Picante, Otter Creek Cheddar, Black Beans, Avocado, Chipotle Mustard, Fried Egg
Homemade Churro and Hot Chocolate with Dulce de Leche

Rick Bayless is Insane... enough said!

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  1. dude, i had a Ahogada last week in Chula.. ordered medium spicy and it was hot as heck son!! but very good