Monday, April 19, 2010

Tour @ Alinea

After a long wait I finally made it out to Chicago to eat a meal orchestrated by Chef Grant Achatz, a Modern Culinary Icon. The experience was mind blowing and validated everything I ever read and studied about Achatz within the last two years. Not everyone gets a chance to come out to Chicago and spend four hours wining and dining so I would like to share my experience with you. Sorry Chef I know how you feel about photography. I promise, I was quick and discreet shooting silent photos without distraction or disruption of the intended food temperature.

Happy Man...."Centerpiece for the evening" on the left.
Steelhead Roe : Plantain, Ginger, Papaya
Yuba: Shrimp, Miso, Togarashi
Chao Tom: Sugar Cane, Shrimp, Mint
Distillation: of thai flavors
Centerpiece being put to use...
Pork Belly: Curry, Cucumber, Lime (Interactive Course)
(3 in 1)Lobster Parfait
(Dish Lifted) Lobster Salad
(Dish Lifted) Chai Lobster Soup
Fully Strained Ready to Drink (Chai Lobster Soup)
Duck: Foie, Morels, English Peas, Chamomile Air
Black Truffle: Explosion, Romaine, Parmesan
Burrata: Honey Granules, Olive Oil Jam, Black Pepper
Bacon: Butterscotch, Apple Leather, Thyme
Kumquat: Rye, Peychauds, Demerara
Foie Gras: Pear, White Wine, All Spice
Sturgeon: Potato, Leek, Smoke
Shad Roe: Shallot, Mustard, Bay Aroma
Filet De Boeuf: "Godard" Sweet Breads, Cocks Combs, Mushrooms, Beef Tongue Rilletes
Hot Potato: Cold Potato, Black Truffle, Butter
Squab: Charred Strawberries, Miners Lettuce, Warm Birch Log
Barhi Date: Maple Sap, Lemon, Cognac
Transparency: of Raspberry, Yogurt
Bubble Gum: Long Pepper, hibiscus, Creme Fraiche
Earl Grey Pillow : Lemon, Pine Nut, Caramelized White Chocolate
Rubber Table Cloth

Chocolate: Coconut, Menthol, Hyssop (Plated by Grant Achatz and David Beran)

Menu Presented After Meal
Thanks Chef Achatz...Truly Mind Blowing...Everyone, foodie or not. eat @ Alinea

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  1. Jon- looks amazing. i can't wait to eat there!