Friday, November 20, 2009

Saam @ The Bazaar....

Saam is the private dining room located at The Bazaar in Beverly Hills. They are open three days out of the week (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) offering a 21 Course Tasting Menu to an exclusive 10 Tables lucky enough to get a reservation. Felix Meana (Service Manager ) of The Bazaar has worked with Ferran Adria at El Bulli for 5 years in Spain and has worked very hard to mimic a lot the service standards taken from Adria's training. We all know Jose Andres and Ferran are great friends who have worked side by side for a little while which adds to the success of this restaurant. I read a lot of reviews and hyped this place up for a year now. Now, I finally got the opportunity to eat here and all the rants and raves are very true. The food and service is phenomenal. Playful, elegant, modern, and tasty are 4 of the many words that can explain what The Bazaar is. Try it for yourself and experience the culinary journey of 22 courses and interactive dining.

Dragon's Breath Popcorn...(Praline of Popcorn dipped in liquid nitrogen and placed directly in the mouth.)

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