Thursday, October 15, 2009

Offsite event (Monday night football)...mind blogging

So I have an event coming up in the next couple days for the MNF game..My Chargers vs. the Denver Donkey's I have to blog my menu otherwise i'll forget....Thoughts before I sleep.

75 people


-Frenched half mongolian babyback ribs

-Kalbi chicken wings

-"Contemporary" Shrimp Cocktail: Pipette of tomato yuzu wasabi consomme

-Lobster "Club": Bacon, arugula, tomato, lobster salad, brioche

- Lakanilau

-Spicy Scallop "Canape" : Yuzu Caviar & Nitsume

- New school Ahi Poke: Kizame Nori dashi gelee, homemade guac, tobiko

Pictures to Follow...GO CHARGERS!!

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