Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kurobota pork...

I love pork in any application...kurobuta pork loin is moist and tender if treated right. using correct cooking methods is key. I brined this pork for 12 hours...and basted it with a bacon molasses as i grilled it to a perfect medium. Finished with brussel flowers, fingerling potatoes(missing) bing cherry coulis and a white summer corn froth.

For the summer corn froth i take 12 heads of corn and roast them in the oven. I then cut all the corn off the cob...throw the cob and corn in water...simmer for 2 hours extracting the natural sweetness form the corn and cob. After that I puree the mixture inside a vitaprep with a little sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Strain...push the natural corn "milk" out...then finally add lecithin to foam up my finished product using a boat motor.

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