Thursday, December 6, 2012

Becoming a better COOK. Sweets...

For the last year I have been overseeing all lunch and dinner operation at 1540. This past week I took over the pastry program and started conceptualizing desserts with my team. With non-stop hard work and the help of my wonderful supporting stud and studette cast (Jon Jon Bakalod, Cristle Evangelista, Phil Hoffer, Jeff Hubbard, and Jeremy Galapon) this is what WE came up with. With the same discipline, creativity, and detail of the food we already produce, it made sense to carry over that same mentality to the sweet side of the menu. All in all we are not "Pastry Chefs," but chefs and cooks that respect the craft of cooking. We strive to understand food and the science behind it. 

...These were the ideas we put together in 3 days onto a plate. 

 Carrot, Pineapple, Sorbet, Cream Cheese, Walnut
 Milk: Coconut, Pickled Blueberry, Macaroon, White Chocolate, Frozen milks
 Yuzu, Nori Cookies, Graham Cracker, Fingerlime cells
Chocolate, Velvet, Beet, Vanilla, Granola, Cheesecake Puree

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