Saturday, December 10, 2011

11 Courses Documented...

Here is a video of a 11 course tasting menu done at Kitchen 1540 where I currently reside. Some of the dishes shown are...

-Frozen Salsify, Date, Smoked Char Roe, Brioche, Meyer Lemon
-Puree of Sunchoke Soup, Bacon, Chive, Smoked Hazelnuts
-Broken Champagne Ice Beets
-Hiramasa, Avocado, Habanero, Citrus Coriander, Cilantro Stem, Blue Corn Bread Crouton
-Egg 62, Chef's Garden Brussel Sprouts, House Pancetta, Potato Espuma, Fried Swiss Chard
-Black Cod, Matsutake, Uni, Carrot Dashi
-Lamb Neck Stew, Sweet Potato Agnolotti, House Ricotta, Basil
-Lamb, Charcoal, Chickpea, Ras el Hanout yogurt
-BBQ Iberico Pork, BBQ, Cornbread, Slaw
-Tasting of Cheese
-Lemon Cake, Frozen Yogurt, Fig, Foie gras Icing

Enjoy Guys

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