Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fruit Loop Panna Cotta, Tangerine Coriander Consomme

In the process of making our chicken fennel sausage, Steven Molina (Sous Chef Kitchen 1540) was blending coriander. He held the blender with the freshly cracked coriander kernals up to my nose and asked me what the smell reminded me of. Instantly I thought of Fruit Loops. From there, Stevie and I began shooting ideas at each other and decided to bring a box of  Fruit Loops in the next day to play with. Here are some photos of the process of turning a silly childhood cereal memory into a serious idea @ 1540
 Freezing Fruit Loops
 Fruit Loop Glass (never made plate)
 Steeping Green Fruit Loops For Panna Cotta
Steeping the Blues 
 Frozen Isomalt Fruit Loop Glass (Didn't make plate either)
 Molding the Panna Cotta
Prototype: Fruit Loop Panna Cotta, Tangerine Coriander Consomme, White Chocolate, Cilantro

A couple tweaks here and there needed still, but other than that a great start to a fun idea. Enjoy! 

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