Friday, May 1, 2009

1st Experimentation with 4mular Agar: Braised Pork Belly Bruschetta, Aged Balsamic, Brussel Petals, Apple Cider "Pudding"

I did a nice 12 hour brine on this pork belly courtesy of snake river farms ...Shallots, garlic, sea salt, apple cider vinegar, granny smith apples, brown sugar, mirepoix, peppercorns, Thai basil and lemon grass. Seared the belly and then slow braised in a 250 degree oven for 4 hours. Chilled then pressed. Sliced and crisped. Accompanied by aged sweet balsamic vinegar, brussel petals, and a "pudding" made with my house made cider as pork and apples are a classic pairing in American cuisine. Fresh grilled baguette and a drizzle of good olive oil..success

For the agar pudding, i made a flavorful cider and sprinkled my 4mular agar in...gelled in the refrigerator and then blended the gel to make a "pudding" stuff, my obsession with gels begin.

Agar is derived from algae or forms rigid and brittle gels..get it, good beginner when experimenting with hydrocolloids

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