Monday, April 13, 2009

My reinvention of Hollandaise and a Complete Breakfast: Bacon, Egg, Hashbrown, "Orange Juice"

A delicious play on words: Dehydrated prosciutto chip (Bacon), Sunny side up quail egg, Roasted shallot potato cake courtesy of Michael Mina (probably the best hashbrown i've ever tasted), a cara cara orange fennel "butterless bearnaise", and an citrus micros.

I enjoy making my Hollandaise based sauces this way...I was sitting around thinking about how much th culinary world (including myself) hates to make this "mother sauce" because of the time it takes and the lack of stability to heat. So I took the clarified butter out of the holladaise and used a reduction of cream to mock the butter. Not exactly the same flavor, but a mockery of the viscous texture that butter brings to hollandaise. Not only is it easier to make but holds longer without breaking. Just like how cream stabilizes a beurre blanc when holding in a steam well

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